Over 1 million music instruments are stolen every year.

Less than 3% are recovered.

The old system doesn't work. That's why musicians need your help.
All you need to do is help spread the word.

If your instrument was stolen, contact us.

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Stolen Alert – Lynn Haven, Fl

Brown Sunburst Ibanez Acoustic Electric Guitar with 6 Country artist signatures on it. I have a serial number missing one digit though. 3T01OZ09050(Missing Number)297

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A Message From a Musician

Don Pedigo had his cherished '66 Gretsch Chet Atkins guitar stolen. Don had bonded with that guitar, writing songs, performing, travelling. This is the song he wrote to the thief who stole it. What Don says to thief will surprise you, and help you understand why we need to help musicians.
Listen to the song.
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